Little help for a berieved family. Did you know a John Bradley Cox D.O.B 25th July 1960


I am hoping you can help. A godfather to one of our boys has had his cousin recently pass away. There was a big age gap between him and his partner, she is 80 he was 60 so he is helping with everything. John told his partner that he served in the army and was pensioned out the army from the Falklands war with a head injury. There is no paperwork in his effects to support this, his family do not wish a witch hunt, but they would really like to know if he served. All the details we can give you is John Bradley Cox D.O.B 25th July 1960 lived in Eastbourne as far as the family know all his life. Thanks in advance


War Hero
Does he have access to bank statements? If so look for a monthly pension payment coming in. Same for the annual tax statement from Equiniti.

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