Little Girls Want to Kill Selena Gomez

Angry Justin Bieber fans lash out against Gomez - Showbiz News - Digital Spy

Yeah, yeah, I read entertainment news. So what? I work nights!

Allegedly a bunch of yammering weans are twatting (twittering, tweeting?) to Selena Gomez that they plan to kill her because she's been seen trying to fondle everybody's favourite fetus (Justin Bieber) penis. Allegedly they are in a relationship.

I don't really care.

I just wonder if mothers are aware that their kids are threatening to kill celebrities.

Imagine if Twitter had been around when John Lennon got assassinated?


War Hero
LOL oh dear those raging hormones, you can just imagine them howling their eyes out, tearing at their hair and beating the computer screen XD
Send her round here I'll look after her. (Well Shag her until she prolapses anyway)

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