little chav picks on old lady copying balls of steel

well what can i say, while showing my friend the show 'balls of steel' on youtube, i came across this little fella...

he is 13, and after seeing 'meg's urban sport, knock and dont run'... he decided to make his own, and along with the poor "woop woop's" he knocks on a old ladies house who thinks he is lost and need help and keeps offering to help the 'lost little boy find his house'...

well, if this was my nan, that boy would be playing 'neg's urban sprinting' soon after...
knock and dont run original
sh*thead chavs version


War Hero
Fucking prick wish he knock on my door so I could kick ten bells of shit out of him!!
poet said:
* prick wish he knock on my door so I could kick ten bells of s*** out of him!!
Don't think so all you seem to do is mouth off. I've seen all your posts and there never seems to be anything constructive in them. All you mostly do is troll around finding a post or more to the point a postee that you can have a crack at. Take a look at your posts and you might see what I mean!

Do us all a favour and contribute constructively or relieve the masses of your tiresome chat.

agree with your last comment b_d - hooped. mk

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