Little Britain Busted

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Plastik_Yank, May 17, 2006.

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  1. Hey I saw a story about a Stag party dressed as characters from little britain! Got ambushed by the S.A.S.....Is there truth to the story or is far fetched.
  2. A friend sent me a copy of the article but forgot to include the source sorry ,I dont know whether it is the truth or far fetched though

    TWELVE stag party revellers went camping dressed as characters from Little Britain — and were ambushed by the SAS.

    Bridegroom Rob ####, 38, and his pals got the shock of their lives when the elite troops mistook them for the “enemy” during an exercise.

    Rob — dressed as “only gay in the village” Daffyd — was helping to push best man Ed ######## up a mountain in a wheelchair when the SAS men swooped.

    A dozen camouflaged and heavily-armed members of the Who Dares Wins regiment — featured in books by Andy McNab — emerged from bracken and surrounded them near their Hereford base.

    Who Dares Wins ... SAS soldier

    Troops found themselves confronted by Vicky Pollard, Marjorie Dawes, the “laydeez” . . . and a host of other TV favourites.

    Rob, of Torquay, Devon — who weds sweetheart Lisa #######, 30, next week — could only think to blurt out in a Welsh accent like Daffyd’s: “Hello boys, I’m fighting for Britain too.”

    There was a stunned silence — before the SAS “captors” burst out laughing.

    Rob said yesterday: “It was a real hoot. The SAS men must have wondered what they had stumbled across but they were great blokes.” The pals — pictured, above, posing in their outfits — unwittingly stumbled into the ambush after spending a night camping in a pub garden in Hay-on-Wye. For a laugh, they decided to trek up the nearby Black Mountain in their costumes.

    Best man Ed, 39, was in a wheelchair in the role of Little Britain’s Andy Pipkin. The property developer said: “After about an hour I spotted something moving behind a bush.

    “I could see it was an extremely tough looking soldier with a rifle which was pointed right at us.

    “Suddenly another dozen guys appeared from nowhere out of the undergrowth and we were surrounded.”
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  4. looking at their supposed "SAS soldier" on a picture in the article i would say theres a good chance its a load of bollox.

    what the fcuk is he wearing, and are there many fat 20 yr old bispecticled SAS men with 3 pips on there rank slides who where knee-pads and arm-pads.

    looks like a member of the sun impersonating an SAS man, or an airsoft walt
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  10. Unless my eyes (these eyes are weapons...) deceive me, the Airsoft Walt is wearing a crown and two pips!

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    Feck... Just found the link to the other thread! :oops: