Little Boy Lost.


Just received an email, forwarded on by my sister, of a picture of a little boy, thought to be about two years old, currently being looked after in a hospital in Phuket. No one knows who he is, no sign of any parents, and the picture is doing the rounds to try and identify him.

I've just posted it in the gallery, under Serious/Historical. I wasn't sure where to post it, as anything 'comic' would obviously be inappropriate. When the Mods have cleared it, hopefully it will be there for all to see. If there is nothing there because I didn't upload it correctly, I'll try again.

Sad, sad picture. I've never seen a toddler with the 'thousand yard stare' but this little fellow has it.

Cheers all, that's my good deed for the day, time to crack open a beer...


I got that too mate,

Is either a real shame or a sick joke, but what are people gonna do?

They just send it on to friends and colleagues.


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