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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by DanC, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. Okay i know some people will probably give me grief, call me lazy etc. but i have done a search for the past two days atleast and would still like a bit of assurance.

    Anyway i was wondering if anyone could kindly help me with some of the questions i have.

    Im 15 and have just recently handed in my medical down at the Army Careers Office. My recruiter said she will send it away to get checked over and if everything was good she would call me to arrange a interview, Now this is the bit im confused on .. Is it my recruiter who interviews me and if so should i dress smartly (every other time i've been i've just been wearing my normal clothes), Also if you could help me in which type of questions she would ask.

    Also if everything is up to scratch and i go away to ADSC there is just a few questions which im sure you have been asked many time before or have seen many times before lol. The icebreaker ... I'm absolutely shitting myself. I have seen a post on this and read the type of subjects i have to talk about, But this thing about Cap badge and why. Im assuming thats what i want to join .. The Royal Artillery in this case but i have absolutely no idea what to say .. And i really don't have an ambition in life i would just rather take life as it comes day by day i don't want to pin all my hopes and dreams on one thing. If i mentioned that i didn't have an ambition and explained myself would that be okay?

    Sorry about the essay lol but if you would kindly help my it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Dan.
  2. Can't help with specifics but can give general advice.

    Going to an interview dress as smart as you are comfortable with. Preferably polished shoes. You are aplying for a job that demands a lot from you so making some effort is a good idea.

    During any interview be honest and never try and bluff. "I don't know" is far better than trying to lie.

    You do have an ambition or you would not be interested in joining.
  3. Icebreaker is easy honestly, Once you have done it you will wonder what all the fuss was about, Your ambition is obvious, to join the Army, that is looking in to the future and knowing where you want to be and have achieved.
  4. Thought it was 16 and 1 month before we could start the process???
  5. I think its 15 and 7 months,

    17 and 1 month is max age for harrogate.
  6. Thanks for some of the replies :D

    And yeah i was 15 and 7 month before the process of joining up started.

    Hope it all goes well for me as i've wanted to be in the army for a pretty long time.
  7. Good luck mate
    Dont forget to keep us all updated
  8. good luck fella
  9. Just say you ambition is to get into the Army and hopefully progress up the ranks.