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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Mr.Bojangles, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. Hi, I recently passed selection, but didn't get my first choice, I had no other choices which gives me the oppertunity to pick a job from a list I was given, I was originally going for AAC, but now thats out of the question im just looking for opinions on what RA jobs are the best 8)

    Im currently looking into MRLS.
  2. UAV pilot or whatever they are called. You fly robo planes.

    Or AD gunner. Take satisfaction in shooting down aircraft.

    Or MLRS, whatever flicks your switch.
  3. Go field first, then move on! I like the idea of getting "revenge" on the AAC by going AD though!! Nice one froggy...
  4. I've also looked into the Radar Operator.

    It looks like a decent job but do radar operators see alot of action, or is it mostly sitting infront of the computer locating enemy fire etc?
  5. Hm, go on to it is the website for Soldier magazine, they recently did an article on the MAMBA, it may still be on there.

    You'd be surprised how much action they do see and what their job entails.
  6. Go to the Gunner part of the Army website - should be a career breakdown of all Gunner Trades. Don't rush too much though, as you don't have to choose a Regiment until Wk7 of Phase 1 trg (assuming you plump for RA - but you'd be foolish not to!!!).
  7. Just an update for those intrested.

    After speaking to the Sergeant Major at my ACIO who happens to be in the RA , and a few other people I decided to go ahead and put my name down to be trained as a Radar Operator despite being told its one of the most boring jobs the army has to offer by some people (But im sure thats just their views :p )

    Anyway I should be on the August intake for AFC (H) .