Little Big Planet

Anyone else got this game. Its got the potential to be great. Its like a big kids meccano set :D If anyone's made any levels let me know and I pop in for a play.
Got Got Got. :D

Although I still haven't finished all the tutorials, I have had a tinker with making my own levels, but nothing worth uploading yet. To echo SuperTrooper's post, if anyone's got any decent levels worth playing, post the details here please.
For those who have this game and are interested, chaeck out any of the army missions made by Fusionboxer. Absolutely top class level design.
skintboymike said:
This is the single most convincing reason to buy a PS3. Want want want...
i'm also fast coming to this conclusion....but given that the family (multiple generations of) are only just gettin to grips with the hoolahooping on the wii fit; i think i shall hang back on the big splurge for now. that and the fact that any pin money seems to inexplicably be spent on beer a and beer related events atm

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