little advice please people?

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by sjameson6969, Apr 24, 2013.

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  1. OK so I was home service Royal Irish, I joined in 99 as a junior soldier, (16) and was made redundant in 2007. I have been on an FTRS HC contract now since 2009.
    I am 29 now and I am in the process of joining up again.
    Anyone any idea how my pension would work? As far as I am aware FTRS commitment goes toward your army pension, so would that mean I would only have to serve like 12 years to reach my 22??

    All help greatly appreciated guys and girls.

  2. Service with the Royal Irish Home Service was not pensionable - I know that you know this Stu but others might read this reply and not understand why it doesn't count for IP or RG.

    FTRS service is pensionable under RFPS and, if you were to transfer it to AFPS 05, it would give you a bigger pension but the time would not count for Resettlement Grant or EDP. You mention your '22' but that is only relevant to AFPS 75 members and AFPS 75 closed to new entrants in April 2005. If you leave your RFPS benefits where they are, they are payable at age 65.

    AFPS 05 closes to new entrants on 6 April 2015 - current rule is that only those who were 45 and over in April 2012 are allowed to stay on the scheme. Everyone else will have their AFPS/RFPS benefits protected and they will join a new scheme which works on the basis of career averaging.

    The new pension scheme builds up at 1/47 of pay for every year worked and is payable at State Pension age. It features an EDP scheme if you leave with 20 or more year service and are at least age 40. The basic EDP income stream at this point is 34% of the pension you have earned in the new scheme and the one-off lump sum is 2.25 times the pension you have earned in the new scheme.

    If you are a member of the Forces Pension Society, Stu, email our help desk and David Marsh will help you with the facts and figures about joining your RFPS pension with your AFPS 05 pension.
  3. Part Time service in the R IRISH was not pensionable, Full Time service was. If he joined at 16 he must have been Full Time as Part Time recruits had to be 18.
  4. Hi sorry if I sound ignorant to all this!

    I wasn't aware that Royal Irish Home service wasn't counted as pensionable service? Is that what you mean?
    So the time served there wouldn't count as time served if I were to join another unit? Say the Rifles?

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  5. Yes I was full time Royal Irish.
  6. My apologies. Full time service is pensionable!

    Did you leave it in AFPS 75 or transfer it to RFPS? Advantage - it counts at your Final Pensionable Salary in RFPS. Disadvantage - you have to wait until 65 for the whole of your preserved pension.

    When you join AFPS 05, if you haven't transferred it to RFPS, you can transfer it to AFPS 05. If you did transfer it to RFPS, you can transfer the total service to AFPS 05. If you are a member, our Help Desk will do the sums for so that you can decide on what to do with the facts before you.

    Sorry again for not taking on board the fact that it was Full Time service.