Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Awol, Jun 12, 2005.

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  1. Personally I am all for it. I'm what is referred too as a "tobacco NAZI." I can't STAND cigarette smoking. If you want to smoke in your own home, more power too you. However, smoking in public, at a restaurant, or a PUB is totally disgusting, rude, and nasty. So is the throwing down of cigarette butts, cigar ends, etc. I've been to England numerous times and, unfortunately, there is a large amount of cigarette butts on the ground.

    I would truly like it if tobacco was banned outright. Of course, I'm not ignorant enough to know that shall never occur. Ah, dreaming is free...
  2. Been happening in Liverpool past 6 months, I smoke, but always try to find a bin for my butts.It just makes the place look shoite. Litter bugs get on my tits. It doesn't take a minute to find a bin, my kids have also been brought up not to drop litter.

    Do you do it???, then ask yourself why!!!!!!. LAZYNESS, BONE IDLE. Call it what you will. Find a bin to put it in. Thanks.
  3. The MOS has a cartoon based on the same story today.
    It sums up my thoughts pretty well.
  4. About time too and all for it. Having spent nigh on half my career in Germany or the Netherlands where on the spot fines for litter have been the norm for years the streets were generally spotless, this is one 'European' import that is spot on.

    The only question I have, is why was only one fine/ticket issued in the maidstone example? all three should have been fined.

    Roll on the permanent patrol of 'Litter Nazis' outside the local KC/McDonalds/Greasy Kebab Pit ...... :roll: :lol:

    New role for Gatso's? detecting fast moving litter :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. I've been saying for the last 20 years that it's amazing how many people frown on dropping litter and complain about the amount of litter, until it involves nothing but a little cigarette end. You see them being stamped out on the ground and tossed out of car/truck windows all day every day. Should have been done years ago.
  6. I smoke. I have a portable ashtray type thingy which I use should I smoke when I'm out and about. It cost a £1, small tube, opens at the top can attach to a keyring or I use it when in the car as I'm not allowed to use the ashtrays in the car!
  7. Fantastic!

  8. Thinking aloud effective are these 'litter police' if every man and his dog can give false names? I know I would if there was £50 at stake. My 'Joseph Mengele, 23 Acacia Avenue' identity would soon get pulled out of hibernation.

    Gives the Govt. another excuse to promote the ID card, and more ammunition to the pro-card lobby.
  9. 3 Bank workers on a fag break eh..............................nice easy target.

    FFS dont pick on the beer swilling spitting littering chav scum on the streets. The 'enforcement officers' might have thier heart and soul they put into their jobs destroyed in one easy lesson.

    The coucils will be in it as a revenue earner and the only people that will suffer will not be the real litters but those that can afford to pay and are easily identifiable.
  10. Totally agree with you there, doesn't take a second to bin it be it cigarette butts, sweet wrappers or my pet hate chewing gum.

    Bloody laziness and expecting other people to clear up after you - a bit of self (and social) responsibility wouldn't go amiss.
  11. Dammn right have spent to many hours area cleaning to have any sympathy for smokers .Though i would give them the option of picking their rubbish up before fining them .
  12. I do agree in principle but it is being done in the wrong way in certain places.

    In central Birmingham, they have council workers targetting smokers because it is very easy to tell when they'll litter and then swoop in and hand out fines. However, the council have not provided bins with integral ashtrays for smokers to put their fags out before binning them. I am a smoker and try to be considerate towards non-smokers, also if there is somewhere for me to put my cigarette end, I will. If there isn't I am not going to shove it in my pocket.

    Dropping chewing gum in the street is far more unsightly than a dog end. At least my litter can be swept up. I wonder if the money that the councils make will pay for more road sweepers?

    The other thing that annoys me is that when I saw this on the news a while back, the council gestapo were being followed around by two policemen so that they could enforce any fines. Haven't they got real criminals to catch?

    I will start carrying a pocket ashtray in the future.
  13. Agree in principle, again - that people shouldn't litter.
    Not that some twitchy-nostrilled little council 'official' is empowered by the Central Empowerment Agency to behave like a secret policeman.
    Unfortunately, they will either become uniformed, badged, warranted goebbelses, or will be forced to employ squads of coppers to guard them, after the umteenth teeth-kicking-in episode.
    One more tiny step to the realisation of Orwell's nightmare.
  14. I am very in for this idea,


    How is it enforced? A dodgy name and address given by some chav cnut and gets away with it. The honest people in this country is who it's going to hit, and them only. That's the flaw in the system.

    Unless of course, as someone mentioned above, that the ID system comes in to play.