Litter at the UEFA Cup Final

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by muhandis89, May 15, 2008.

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  1. Given the propensity of the police and local councils to prosecute people,for throwing away apple cores(controlled waste?) on the ground,is there any evidence about anyone being prosecuted for leaving about 100 tonnes of litter,in Manchester last night? Or is the law being 'selectively' applied,as usual?
  2. Manchester is a shitehole anyway, so how would anyone know if it was litter or just day to day normality?
  3. The law is applied selectively exponentially these days. vis-a-vis not charging that singer who looks like a slapper [the name escapes me - whinehouse or something] for using crack cocaine. It's the enthrallment of the masses and our political leaders to 'celebrities' that dictate current mores and we must go back to Lord Dennings dictum that "Be you ever so high, the law is above you"
    Having said that, a move in the right direction might be to bin a lot of the thousands of laws passed in the last 10 years and rigorously apply those with bite.
  4. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Most of it is back in Glasgow this morning and I'm not sure how Scottish law stands on the matter.

    If I was a Scot I'd be more concerned about a few Muppets blowing their otherwise fine rep as visiting supporters.
  5. doomsday not a work of fiction a training film :twisted:

    re amy crackhouse evidence courtesy of the sun would be as much use as my theory that tony blair is a lizard yes he's a slimy son of a bitch but I can't prove he is actually cold blooded
  6. My only criticism is that the police didn't go in hard enough. I found it hilarious all these Rangers lot giving it the large one, then cacking it when a the police run through and mow a few down with the shields.
  7. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Thread cleaned up for fairly obvious reasons.
  8. Seconded. Losing was disappointing enough, if not unexpected. But for a minority of "fans" to behave in such away was unforgiveable.

    And it definately WAS a minority; there were over 100,000 Rangers fans in Manchester. if they had ALL kicked off, GMP would have taken a worse shoeing than the Met did during the Poll Tax Riots...
  9. Their "fine rep"..... yeah good one.

    They're not called "the animals" for nothing, I laughed my c ock off at the ugly pricks scrapping amongst themselves.


    This dog had to be put down for food poisoning this afternoon... RIP brave dog I shall raise a glass in your memory later etc etc etc

    Good result all around, the Huns get stuffed in the final and shown up for the non football playing team they are, and their gopping fans make ********* of themselves on the international stage... back of the net
  10. What does a Tim do after Celtic wins the UEFA Cup?

    He switches off his Playstation and climbs in bed with his sister...if she's not sh@gging the local priest! :twisted:

    Speaking of dogs, all they had to do was get that female copper I saw giving the press conferance to stand in front of the Rangers fans and threaten to strip. :pukel: They would have all run back to Glasgow!

    She looked like Gene Hunt in drag! 8O
  11. I saw the human zoo leaving Edinburgh as I was arriving for work. Many of them were getting tanked up in the pub and on carry-outs and British Transport Police did nothing. There was a definite air of impending mayhem and the thought that they were leaving town to inflict their own brand of chaos on Manchester gave me some fleeting joy!

    They should have build a spur off the West Coast main line running out into the Irish Sea and signalled the trains down this one-way line. Crime figures in Scotland would have dropped permanently by 20%. :twisted:

    I accept that not all Rangers fans are thugs, but a sizeable minority are drunken violent criminal bigoted chav scum, a drain on the State and a source of annoyance to the rest of us. I hope the cops track down enough of them to put them away for a short while and give the rest of us some peace. Some of the monsters are simply an affront to the eye - 20+ stone of gold-draped wobbling tattooed flesh topped off by a shaven head.
  12. msr

    msr LE

    100,000 people can make the police change their mind.

    The entire city centre was like Albania this morning.

    I blame Manchester City Council for the mess. They knew what was coming yet did not provide anything like enough skips,portaloos or screens.

  13. And what does a bluenose do after winning the European Cup?

    Oh, yeh, thats right, nothing. Cause you've never won it :twisted:
  14. They have also banned the big screens for next weeks game. So the locals will be really happy.
  15. Yes, but any visiting Man U fans will be disappointed.