lithium batteries

Going to Batus soon and will be shipping all my lithium batteries (about 300) to Canada as DAC. I'm trying to find siutable containers to carry them, gotta be gas proof, waterproof and escape proof, any ideas????
You should be using a UN1A2 Container (barrel with sealable lid) but I believe use of certain ammunition containers with sealable heads (water tights etc as you stated) is permissable.

It does not really matter what i believe though because JSP 335 4th Edition is what you need. This states the preparation required and the equipment you can use. It is available on the intranet but every unit is scaled for a copy anyway I believe.
The best way is using the old type Ammo Container for Signal Kit Pyrotchnic Pistol 16mm. You might find these hard to come by as Sig Kits come in H83 now. Try speaking to Longtown who deal with empty containers. You will have to look up the correct container in JSP 422.

Just a thought why are you bringing lithiums across? Why not demand them through the QM's or 105 Sqn and all the pain in the arrse work is done for you.
scots_guards_sgt said:
The lithium batteries are for the regiments bowman radios. Thanx for your ideas i'll call longtown on Monday.
I can also recommend speaking to the female (Movement Control) SSgt based on your camp (I am assuming you are in germany by your tag) who does your MCCP etc.

Phone calls to 24 Regt will elicit help if in need.
scots_guards_sgt said:
i've got a couple of boxes that i'm gonna pass by her on monday, i'm just covering my bases in case she laughs at what i'm going to show her...he he

The question is though; is your first name 'Lance'?

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