Literacy in Scotland report

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by acornminiminor, Dec 4, 2009.

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  1. The BBC reports that a commission set up to tackle literacy problems in Scottish schools has found almost one in five Scots has difficulty with reading and writing.
    I suppose that they then export those that have such difficulties to Westminster?
  2. Oh FFS.It's on the go already.
  3. I suppose the problem was that one in five of the commission couldn't read their own reports...

    Presumably they were different to the one in five who couldn't write them.
  4. mmm. Scots can't read. Hardly news, nor for that matter, current.
  5. I think you'll find there's a difference between 'can't' and 'don't bother with the pish you lot come out with'.
  6. Come on then ya basssstaaaards - Ahl fukkin take the lot o ye (just as soon as I've finished this deep fried mars bar I'm having for my tea).

    If you think you're so smart, lets see you spell 'Pharaoh' then. Arrse's first, on line spelling contest.

    IIRC, the UN's latest report on global literacy assessed one in five British school leavers as 'functionally illiterate'. So much for Britain's future 'knowledge economy' when 20% of the population can't spell 'knowledge economy'.

    The real tragedy is that illiteracy is not equally distributed. You wont see any kids leaving Eton unable to read (Note for class warriors - that isn't a bad thing). Meanwhile, in my nephew's class, nearly all of the boys were assessed as having a reading age of 6 when they moved to secondary school. What hope have they got of passing exams in four years if they can't read the questions?
  7. I do love baiting the Scots about their well known lower educational achievement. Its always such good sport for those of us blessed with English as our language and our blood line.
  8. Whereas the English on the other hand are blessed with

    Key stage 3 (age 14)

    % of pupils reaching level 5 and above (the standard expected for their age)

    You do the maths! I've got it that a rough average of 30% of male pupils in English education can't read or write at the required level for their 'key stage'

    statistics are a big pile of arrse! 100% of people who post on arrse have got **** all better to do! :wink:
  9. Its all a plot by the B'Liars, Gordoom McClowns, Pete Mendaciouses, Haridan Harpeople et all to increase their natural client state of Chavs, Mungs, Marxist Twunts, Benefits Scounger et al..... :roll: :p

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  10. If this were in the NAAFI, I'd say something along the lines of "If we have lower educational standards it's because we have more interest in and experience of your mother's tongue than your mother tongue."

    Since it's not, I'll stick to reminding everyone that the figures just happen to be released seperately beause they're collected seperately. The stats for England and Wales and much the same picture. Nobody knows about Northern Ireland because the last statisticians to visit there were eaten before they could report.