Literacy and Numeracy Assessment

KS3 stuff I think, wouldn't hurt to look at a text book either way I guess.

They manage to get you your date yet? Glencorse 7th May a definate?
I used to teach it Al (for 6 years, including the education for promotion for Sgts exams) for community education and the prison service. I will PM with some sites and stuff. Look up Basic Skills on google. What level are you going to be sitting do you know?

If it's a test - revise. If it's an assessment (can never remember how ss there are in that) there is no harm in starting to work on it now. Level 2 is the equivalent to C grade GCSE in both subjects.

I'll get back to you. But don't worry it's straight forward.
Al_PacinO said:
What does this cover is it just basic stuff or is there more to it, will I need to revise or is it just straight forward.
As long as you have a reading age of more than 11 (the rough standard is whether you can read and understand something like the Sun) and can perform simple mathematical operations (add, subtract, multiplication and division without using a calculator) you should be alright. Distance, speed and time is one of the favourites. Given two variables, do you know how to work out the third?

However, if you are from the 20-30% of teenagers at the bottom of each class, start sweating!

Good Luck!


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