Lite Relief or "You can NOT be serious"

This from RTÉ this morning:

Scientists to begin Irish genetic project

04 November 2004 08:23

Scientists are about to begin a project to discover the genetic makeup of Ireland's population.

Over the next few months a team from Trinity College is hoping to collect anonymous DNA samples from 10,000 people across the country. The information that comes back will be archived and could become a valuable tool to scientists carrying out research on Irish people.

Scientists will be able to compare genes from the normal population with genes from people with certain genetic diseases. This will allow them to identify the culprit genes, and will potentially lead to better diagnoses and treatment of the diseases that affect Irish people. Those behind the venture say they want to assure the public that any samples will be collected on the basis of complete anonymity.

This is amazing, after all this time, centuries have come and gone, legend and myth preceded, high Kings and culture lead bare, we will finally learn the truth (not withstanding the 90% Guinness / 9.5% Bush) and find out exactly "who is Peat!"
Five parts potato, three parts Guinness, two parts Semtex. :wink:
they may not like the fact that most irish have english genes asw e have been shagging them behind the irish mens back thru stealth, invasion, simply cos we are better in bed and not being toopissed thru guiness to shag :lol:
May shock a lot of the septics to find out that they arre not Irish at all at all at all. :D

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