Litchfield, 21st Jan

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by squilverine, Dec 17, 2007.

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  1. Well after what seems like first walking into the AFCO all those months ago, i'm off to Litchfield on the 21/01/08 for selection!

    Am feeling a whole lot of things right now ranging from complete joy, to bowel moving apprehension!

    Anyone else going to be there?
  2. Evening fella.

    I've already been there at the beginning of October, so I can advise you on a few points.

    I actually start my basic in Mid January at Lichfield.

    For selection, some top tips are:

    1. Mix in with the group, talking-wise and suggestions
    2. Don't backchat any of the JNCO's/NCO's, and remember Corporal or Sergeant not mate!!
    3. Give you ultimate best effort on the 1.5 mile run, no walking!
    4. When they say do anything, anything at all, do it fast and accurately.
    5. Keep a sense of humour about you and enjoy it ;)

    Any more questions fella?


  3. Enjoy it, its a good experience.
  4. Ah lichfield, I did my basic there.

    It will seem tough and times you will think "what the hell am I doing here?" but just roll with it, you'll look back and laugh at it. 6th of Jan, if my memory serves me right thats the start date for the final intake for two of the troops (townsend and cloutman) if you get the former, then you'll enjoy it - top class training staff in that troop. Work hard for them and they will go out of their way to help you out.

    training wise, keep your head down and dont be gobby.. just get on with it and be sure to bring your sense of humour with you, your going to need it! You'll be hanging out of your arrse and struggling.. fine, but dont stop. as long as your seen to be putting max effort in the staff will leave you alone... jack on the rest of the troop and you'll get pinged in a nanosecond

    oh, and send my regards to "monkey" in the naafi, you'll know who he is when you see him :D
  5. I'd luv to go there, i have 5 mates who are all PTI's there, make sure you dont p*ss them off as they are all beast masters.....

  6. Acidcrash, if you mean you believe 6th of January is the last Phase 1 intake at ATR Lichfield you are wrong fella :lol:

    I've got my Phase 1 starting at ATR Lichfield on the 14th january, so I really must be in the last 'section' or 'troop'.

    Hope it's a bit warmer, i still went for my run just now and god it's bloody horrible, but I will stick it at Lichfield and put every bit of blood, sweat and tears into it

  7. lichfield is a hole a iny little hole that for 7 weeks will seam like a prison then you get out for a few hours at the weekend and it's a bit better but the training is easy enuff as long as your not a complete mong
  8. na mate, just for those two troops I mentioned. However the camp is due to close soon anyway for converting to medic training if my memory serves me right.
  9. So where will the the inductions take place....because if i sign now ill not make the january selection will i?
  10. Not this year, no.
  11. Hi every my name is jerome i'm a 23 year old male living in derby, i've recently applied to served in the army and will be going to litchfield on april 27,2009, if their's anyone going to selection on this date from derby and surrounding, my number is 0777 939 6073 and my email address is jrs21hines @ please get intouch and we can go together, thanks mate.
  12. Not a good idea to put your phone number and email on public display like that dude.
  13. does anyone have a contact number for Litchfield selection center
  14. Your going to hate it. Too many welsh.
  15. hi

    do anyone know were and for how long phase 1 training is for an rlc driver

    and in the ice breaker can you make your own up or do you have to copy the board