Listen, just take a bloody listen

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by A Worker, Jul 20, 2011.

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  1. To these calls made to the police as a so called "emergency". Seriously, just how thick and i mean absolutely thick does someone have to be to make calls like that?

    Wait till you hear the silly cow, who should be shot, crying because she can't find Homebase. The stupid stupid bastards.

    ‪Real 999 calls made to the Emergency services‬‏ - YouTube

    I know there's a thread for internet links but this should be shared.
  2. The old woman trying to ring the prime minister was hilarious.

    Was there a time when it was okay to phone prime ministers and wish them well?
  3. The old witch ringing to call the PM should be bitch slapped....well, they all should to be honest.
  4. People like that really grip my shit.
  5. Ringing 999 to find out what date it is? Just mental, you need shooting.

    The old bird trying to get hold of the PM was rather funny though, Hyacinth bucket (?) in full flow... The poor bird taking that call must have the patience of a saint!
  6. 999....Police please...Yes how can I help you sir..........Jarrod stole my baby lamb!....your name please and location....Mullah Abdullah Saeed al Afghani....location....Abdali Shah road, Kandahar!

    Police...Fuck off you goat shagging wanker!
  7. AK - Google 'Narcissism'
  8. I am not in love with myself!
  9. Not much! 2346
  10. Who's that fat mincer in the picture in your sig, then?
  11. Careful he can Bench Press 80kg.
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  12. How many goats/little boys is that?
  13. I come free with any purchase of goats and children
  14. Good to see you've developed a sense of humour at last.
  15. Are you hinting out for a discount?
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