Listen in Sock cookers.. head dibbers and asparagus lovers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by genesis, Sep 25, 2011.

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  1. Just a few things,
    I have been dyslexic all my life, it has never once held me back, i have never used it as an excuse, so, the next window licking flid to say " im Dyslexic be nice to me" i will personally hunt you down and and shove the Oxford pocket dictionary up your arrse, it is a very poor excuse for being a mong,


    ADHD, No sonny, your just a cunt, you want attention, then i will come to your house and give you my full and undivided attention for two whole hours......and everythime you show a ickle sign of being "speshul" i will thwipe you with a big black dildo till you look look a panda thats been bummed half to death, ADHD is in kids ffs not what are meant to be grown adults!!!!


    If you spot a mong, please alert the nearest do gooder that gives a fuck. im paid to care when im at work, NOT on here!

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  2. someones a tadge angry today !!!!!!!
  3. I'm dyslexic, be nice to me...
  4. ive got ADHD and ive run out of rittlein,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  5. That was spelt right.....dyslexic walt ! :)
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  6. NHS and care in the same sentence............Hmmm
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  7. DR H F shipman had a good care of the elderly policy........ and he was NHS,,,,,,,,,,
  8. It was spelled "correctly" you bedpan licker!

    Thanks anyway, nice to be appreciated...
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  9. So was Nurse Bev,,must be a requirement.
  10. If i cared for the fecking coffin dodgers i would be smothering them all!,
  11. Thanks anyway, nice to be appreciated...[/QUOTE]
    thats what shippy said !!!!!!!!!
  12. Yes, you would; with love, tenderness and Vicks vapour rub...

    Holby City walt!
  13. The patients i "care" for, are all scum, creatures, rapists, child molesters, cannibals, they make half the users on here look tame,.... apart from MDN and PG
  14. I quite like asparagus actually. With butter, mmmmmm.
  15. MDN is PG you tit.
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