List of trades/capbadges by posting?

Evening all,

New to ARRSE, thinking about joining the army...I've got a pretty good idea now of which trades I'd like to do, and I'm trying to find a tiebreaker. What I'm trying to find out is which trades are most likely to be posted to Germany?

Any info gladly recieved.
Pretty much every trade is in Germany, but only 30% of the Army is there, so don't bank on staying there :)
Or to get more of a steer ask this question in the forums of those regts that you're thinking of joining (although if you ask in the Int Corps Forum be prepared for a lot of p155 taking) - a guaranteed Germany Tour would probably be in the SCOTS DG - they've been there for fcukin years.
royal engineers are an ever present in the fatherland
Mental Health Nurses get posted there in droves and seemingly stay there forever!! Wegberg all the way!!

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