List of soon to be disbanded french units: 83 to go !

France reveals defence closures
By Emma Jane Kirby

BBC News, Paris

France is to close 83 of its military units in a major shake-up of its defence strategy, the French prime minister has said.
Speaking at a press conference, Francois Fillon said money saved would be poured back into the armed forces.
He also promised the government would help towns and villages cope with the economic fall-out when the local garrison moved on.
The changes are the biggest shake-up of defence policy in 14 years.
Mr Fillon announced that the military sites which face closure include regiments, logistic centres and air force bases.

Here is the list of some of the bases and units that will go:

Army : 12 regiments (location in brackets)

2009 : 57 ème RA (Bitche), 601ème RCR (Arras), 12 ème RA (Haguenau), Centre national d'aguerrissement en montagne (Briançon et Barcelonnette), centre d'entraînement commando (Givet), Etat-major de la 2ème brigade logistique (Martignas), Etablissement d'impression de l'AT (Chateau Chinon),

2010 : 18ème RT (Caen), 41ème RT (Senlis), 1er RG (Illkirch), 2ème RG (Metz), 5ème RG (Versailles), EMF 2 et 22ème BIMa (Nantes), Etat-major de la 4ème BAM, CCT, detachement du 3ème RHC (Essey les Nancy), Etat-major Brigade d'artillerie (Haguenau), état-major brigade du génie (Strasbourg),

2011 : 519 ème RT (La Rochelle), 42 ème RT (Laval), detachement du 7ème RM (Yzeure), Det. du 4ème GLCAT (Marseille), Centre territorial d'administration et de comptabilité (Marseille), GSLCAT (Saint Jacques de la Lande), ESCAT (Rillieux la pape), EMF 4 et 15ème BT (Limoges), CAT (Limoges)

after 2011: 402ème RA (Châlons en Champagne), 8ème RA (Commercy) [date TBC], 11ème BSM (Guéret), ESCAT (Bergerac), CTAC (Rennes), det. du 1er GLCAT (saint jacques de la Lande), 517 ème RT (Déols), , det 15 ème BSM (Langres), det. ESCAT (Essey les Nancy), 15 ème BSM (Phalsbourg), CTAC (Lille), Commissarait administratif de Vincennes, det. d'appui à la numérisation du champ de bataille (Versailles), det. de la 15ème BSM (Saint-Florentin), 1er GLCAT (Bretigny)

Air force: eight bases

2009: BA 101 Toulouse-Francazal

2010: BA 132 Colmar-Meyenheim

2011: BA 112 Reims, BA 921 Taverny

after 2011: BA 943 Nice Mont-Agel, BA 128 Metz-Frescaty, BA 103 Cambrai, BA 207 Bretigny

Marine nationale (Navy): three fleet air arm bases

2011: BAN Nîmes-Garons, EAN Dugny

after 2011: EAN Toussus le Noble
Normal Social Type Government Defence cuts, look at new labour could not wait to cut the defence budget
then went ahead and started two wars
Old French tradition
hee hee

Disband most of their army before the EU Army comes into operation. Rely on the other nations' armies for defence while throwing very little into the pot.

Doubtless their arms manufacturing industries won't be taking a corresponding downturn.


Actually their industries will experience a downturn, but doubtless there'll be some EU subsidies on the way to more than make up the deficit.

PS What do all the abbreviations mean? For all I know, it could be the Maginot Line Guards who are being disbanded.
Too many clichés in those posts.

1) The FFL (which is made up of roughly 50% of Frenchmen BTW...) is not "doing the fighting" for the rest of the french army. For example, the TF which has just been sent to the East of Afghanistan to take over from the american there is made up of 95% "regular" french units with only a small contribution (about two troops of AMX-10RC AFVs) from the FFL armoured unit, the 1er REC. The rest (about 700+) is not FFL but "pure" french.
The artillery component of that TF has already entered the fight this week by firing its 120 mm RTF1 mortars IOT support afghan police units in trouble.

2) "Rely on other armies"....France defense spending is the second highest in the EU after the UK at 2% of the GDP (or 1,67% once you exclude the Gendarmerie, a militarized police) from the total.
In the current EUFOR mission in Chad, France is providing over 60% of the troops, just about all the helicopters and planes and most of the logistics. There are more countries relying on France military power in the EU than reverse (even the USA sometimes rely on France to take care of its expats in Africa as in the recent NEO in N'djamena in Feb.2008)

3) The spending for the armed forces should actually increase, not decrease. The disbanded units tend to be of the "legacy" type.

Your initial post doesn't mention the French surface or submarine fleets. Have they escaped the axe or is Sarkozy saving them for later?
No, so far the sailors are doing very well, thank you for them....their lobbying tactics are obviously more efficient than the army's.

As far as the sub fleet is concerned, no change; the attack fleet is made up of only 6 units and there are 4 SLBM subs.
They're doing better than the Royal Navy, there are some very nervous Admirals every time that the annual budget gets published!
The recent anti-piracy Op off the coast of Somalia was both a success and an embarassment for the Navy; most of their assets broke down at some points because of either/and age or maintenance issues...they managed to arrest the pirates in the end but it was not because of the quality of the kit !
I strongly suspect your government is falling for the same "peace dividend" trap that mine did in the 90's when we disbanded several divisions... the saving will be more than offset by having to reconstitute those forces when some situation develops down the road.

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