List of regimental ops tours

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by TheSpecialOne, Aug 13, 2006.

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  1. Is there a list of ops that regiments have been on over the last 10 years? We keep hearing about units that are constantly on tour but what is the official line on this?
  2. There is somewhere. I have seen it and you're going to think me a pr1ck for forgetting where.

    I don't recognise your avatar btw but I have a feeling I should?
  3. Really? Its only an avatar
  4. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    When you find it, what'll be worth noting is the NI residential tours, spearhead, Cyprus, etc are not counted as being on Ops (despite spending over 15months of 2 years in Omagh on 15mins NTM or less). That's one of the reasons that, when answering parliamentary questions, it still looks like we have a tour interval of 2 and a half years. That and multiple sub-unit deployments rather than unit.

    I've found that most lads don't mind being busy (I certainly don't), but it's fooking annoying when you're told that you've loads of buck-shee time.

    And that's not to mention RAAT which, quite frankly, is more disruptive that Ops half of the time.

  5. It's a crest. Obviously something to do with Northern Ireland but what does it signify? It's not like any military crest I've ever seen - is it polis?
  6. London Irish Rugby Union team badge isn't it?
  7. Spot on. Thanks.
  8. yep - absolutely nothing to do with NI
  9. It was a reasonable assumption, the cross of St George on a white backdrop with shamrock in the upper right quadrant.

    I'd never seen it before and was asking out of curiosity and I thank our Welsh friend for being forthcoming enough to give me a gracious answer.

    Of course he may not be Welsh but seeing as his nom de plume is Cymru_am_Byth I think it's another reasonable assumption.
  10. Well now that is a bit of a sweeping generalization. When i played for Irish we had all sorts, plenty of lads were from FATDAD and plenty more were from the South. Still more were local to London but had parents who had migrated. Some like me just liked Guinness...
  11. Am I right ihn thinking that the Black Watch have done the most tours in Iraq or is that just their good publicity machine? I also don't hear much about battalions from the RGJ - have they done much recently? And what about the Green Howards - did they go to Iraq?
  12. FATLAD

  13. To further enlighten you it is the flag of London (the sword in the top left corner)...
  14. That my old china, depends upon which part of FATLAD\FATDAD you come from :D :D
  15. Yep - Londonderry is now called Derry City, reverting back to its original name after it was given to the merchants of London way back in the time of QE1