List of red-zone tourism spots?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cavalier, May 23, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone provide a list of ‘no-go’ areas for forces holiday makers?

    I’ve heard of people getting chewed a new one for visiting Cuba and not volunteering the info beforehand, and getting ‘debriefed’ by the OC upon his return.

    I know there’s problems with communist and the obvious war-torn countries, but is there a list of countries were I’m supposed to inform the Squadron?
  2. I've been to Cuba, informed no-one prior and had no comebacks at all.
    Mega place, can thoroughly recommend it.
  3. I'm reliably informed that the Republic of Ireland is on the list.

    Can anyone confirm this?
  4. Speak to your Unit Security Officer, who will have the list and will tell you what needs to be done.
  5. It still appears on our Pt 1's every so often stating that clearance must be obtained before going to Ireland.
  6. southern ireland was always out of bounds to us and still is as far as i know. didnt stop us going over for the usual concerts and cheap petrol though.
  7. I clearly have mistaken zone for light. As I thought this thread should be in the NAAFI.
  8. Same problem here mate!

    I was about to offer some nice spots around Arnhem (Spijkerkwartier) and Amsterdam...

    Must be my Dutch disposition...

    On a serious note: Venlo might still be problematic to British forces in Germany because of the drugs business and a history for IRA being on the prowl there.
    If you're thinking of heading to Cloggieland from Blockheadland, try Nijmegen. It is conveniently near the border and a much nicer place altogether than Venlo.
  9. on a similar note would a serving member of her majesty's forces have to make themselves known if thay were to visit friends at a army base in the united states?
  10. I think you'll find it's safest to make yourself as known as possible anywhere near US forces.

    Don't wear orange though, I think they use that for target ID purposes.
  11. I hope not!

    Last time I read our security detail countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, China, Uzbekistan, the obvious middle east ones and most of the Balkan countries were on the banned for service people list. Reason was their security services are considered a serious risk to ours.

    ROI was definitly not mentioned.
  12. As Spook 44 has said, speak to your Unit Security Officer (usually your PSAO is dumped with this responsibility).

    Have a look at this thread;

    Indeed, another place for general advice would be the FCO website.

    The list changes frequently, to react to this mercurial age - make sure the one you RX is up-to-date. My advice is to take this simple request straight up your CoC ... nuff said.
  13. I'd give Rhyl a miss if I were you.
  14. a very valid point there!
  15. ........ and Preston for that matter.