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I’ve seen a few lists of what you’d need to take for basic but none recent, does anyone have a rough idea of what you’d need/ an updated list?
What Regiment?

They should give you the official list... I'm told you can go to the NAAFI shop nowadays, so any odds and ends you'll be able to get.

Unless it's changed dramatically, you'll be busy or asleep 100% of the time so don't bother with anything associated with leisure.

The poster who said "take guns" was only kidding.

Having said that, if you're joining an armoured unit, they will think better of you if you bring a tank along.


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Just take what they ask you to take when you receive your joining instructions. It is a well trodden path.
Whatever you get given as the official list - take that and nothing more. Trust me - less is more. If you need anything else, you can buy it later. What you don't need is loads of chad shit clogging up your bedspace.
Don't be the guy from my intake who brought a ghillie suit with him that he made in cadets. Although watching a bush doing press-ups in the corridor was decent.
The only advice I will add is to buy a steam generator, rather than a normal Iron. If you get a good one, it will last you a decade, and will be worth its weight in gold in time saved.
Stick a bathroom sink plug in Your washbag. Dont know what it's like today, but they always seemed to be missing in the mob.
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