Lisburn (N.I.) memorial disappeared

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bossdog, Jun 12, 2006.

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  1. I was passing through Lisburn on foot just recently, and i noticed the Lisburn memorial plaque in Lisburn town centre (just opposite the Mall) seems to have disappeared, after the recent building of shopfronts on the road.

    It contained the names of the six soldiers killed by an IRA boobytrap when they returned to their parked minibus after completing the Lisburn Fun Run on 15 June 1988. It was provided by Lisburn Borough council and the public of Lisburn as a tribute.

    Was the plaque moved elsewhere or (hopefully not) disposed of? Does anyone know?
  2. Copy & paste this address and ask them :
  3. I emailed them. Thanks.

    I'll let you know of any replies that i receive.
  4. Thank you for that information Bossdog.

    Cpl Ian Metcalfe, one of those killed was my Movements NCO at Ebrington at the time of his murder and I would be most annoyed if his name, together with the other young Signallers from 8 Inf Bde were removed for political reasons.

    I have drafted a letter to the Local Authority requesting an explanation and will contact the member of Parliament for that area in the absence of a satisfactory explanation and an assurance that the plaque will be restored to the place from which it was removed.

    Many thanks indeed for taking the trouble to post your observation.

    Regards and best wishes

  5. Rest assured that although in the name of political expediency such memorials may disappear (if that is the case here) there are those of us who value democracy and freedom who will remember those who gave their all to protect us and our families.
  6. I was in Theipval (literally) when that happened.
    I'm sitting not more than a couple of miles from where it happened right now.

    I just hope you've made a mistake Bossdog.
  7. Please let us know there response...
  8. From: Lisburn Borough Council

    Thanks for you e-mail

    A temporary memorial has been in place since last year on the oppossite
    side of Market Place while construction was underway for the new Wallace

    The memorial plaque is being refurbished and is planned to be reinstated in
    the next few days.

    Result! Wasn't expecting such a quick reply. I'll keep an eye out for the refurbished plaque over the next few days.
  9. That was quick.
    Lisburn seem to be on the ball.
    Our suspicious minds can have a rest for a while :eek:

    Thanx Bossdog

  10. Excellent news. Its good see to e-mail worked..
  11. Good news, just a pity I have to put all the stockpiled weapons, tin foil hats and canned food back into the bomb shelter for another day.

    On an aside, I was looking at new property in Lisburn the other day, might go back and have another look now.
  12. I know that Rita Metcalfe and her family will be as relieved as I am at that news, as will the families of the R SIGS who died in the same incident. Lance Corporal Graham P Lambie, Sergeant Michael James Winkler, Signaller Mark Clavey and Corporal William J Paterson.

    Many thanks indeed Bossdog
  13. Nice to hear some good news for once.

    Well done Bossdog.
  14. Just a quick note. I drove past it today. It is now on the opposite side of the road on the lamp post, poppy wreath and all.
    Well done chaps and a thank you to Lisburn council.
  15. Great news! Normal service restored, thank you guys for your efforts! :D