Lisburn Bomb

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by jack-daniels, Jun 17, 2008.

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  1. To my shame I've just realised that it was 20 years ago on June 15th 1988 that 4 R Sigs chaps were killed on the way back from the Lisburn Fun Run when the IRA blew up their mini-bus, there were 2 others on the bus from another unit but I can't remember who they were.
    The Sigs lads were:

    Sgt Michael Winkler
    Cpl Billy Patterson
    L/Cpl Pat Lambie
    Sig Mark Clavey

    I knew three of these lads as I'm sure others on here did too.

  2. Jack - Thought you might be interested to know. The plaque to the six guys that was erected at the site of the explosion was taken down during the refurbishment of the buildings in the area a couple of years ago. I wondered if it would go back up. To the credit of the local council it has done.
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  3. Thanks for that Foggy, nice to hear.
  4. RAOC and Green Howards according to the memorial plaque.
  5. 20 years.......

    I went to Pat's funeral and it was the saddest thing that I have ever had to do.

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  6. It was a very sad day.

    They were raising money for local charities too.

    RIP fellas
  7. I'm not R Sigs but I was in NI at the time and remember this horrifying attack only too well. I also knew Pat Lambie's father (a GLOSTER, IIRC), as decent a man as you could hope to meet. As has been said, they were raising money for charity (and, of course, unarmed) when the local 'heroes' murdered them. RIP.
  8. I was in brats at Ouston with Pat Lambie and always remember how he impressed me with his brand new Sony Walkman which he wore everywhere he could get away with.

    It was cutting edge for it's time with a battery pack and tape player which only took about 2 ammo pouches worth of space on his belt! Still makes me think of him when I look at the tiny mp3 players we have now. :)

    He always used to rattle on about the Glorious Glosters and his old man, whom I met at passing out parade.

    Pat was a thoroughly decent bloke but his farts stank. He 'd be the first to proudly admit it as well as giving you a demo of just how much more he could produce. Nice guy, often think about him. Hope God gave him an up to date Walkman.

    RIP Mate
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  9. Fantastic Eulogy. Top Man!
  10. I was in Lisburn at the time and bumped into Pat a number of times during his visits, especially at the 39 Bar - happy hour an' all.

    By chance we met just before the fun run and him being an airborne warrior ripped the p*ss out of my fitness and suitability to do the run.

    I'm sure he finished before me but it was only after I got bot to Thiepval (and the 39 bar) that I heard the news: I don't remember hearing the explosion. Got paged to get into work and didn't finish until 4 the following morning.

    Pat always had a smile and willing to talk to anyone. I remember him 11th Nov every year.

    RIP mate
  11. I served with Billy Patterson at 200 SIGSQN in Detmold and a nicer fella you couldnt have met (out and out dirtburd but hey who wasnt).

    I now live in Lisburn and as Foggy said to the credit of the Local Bourough (sorry city) council they did replace the plaque as promised after the new buildings were erected..

    Always without fail stop at the memorial if im passing it...
    I always remember the day but for some reason i thought this was only 19 years..
  12. I was at 2 Inf Div with Pat Lambie, almost the whole athletics team went to the funeral. It was only 3 months after Bob Howes and Del Wood were murdered in Belfast.
  13. ....& THAT anniversary was 24 years ago today.
  14. The other 2 guys where cpl Ian metcalfe green Howard's and l/cpl ges green raoc I knew all 6 I was in 8 bde at the time rip lads
  15. That was a sad day it hit 8 bde really hard all 6 guys where from ebrington barracks