Lisbon Treaty Vote

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Manley, Oct 4, 2009.

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  1. White flags are flying over the Post Office in Dublin as Ireland caves in to Euro domination, now watch Cameron follow suit.
  2. I am beginning to wonder how big the brown envelopes handed out to politicians are over all of this.
    I've reached the conclusion that Cameron has no intention of standing up for the UK on this one, I reckon he's quietly hoping its a done deal before the election.
  3. Yeah cool story's now mandatory to learn German too.

  4. He isn't "quietly hoping". He might as well have shouted it from the top of the building Andrew Marr just interviewed him in.

    "SOMEBODY- ANYBODY- MAKE THE DECISION FOR ME!!!! I'm looking at YOU Poland and the Czech Republic!"
  5. I didn't watch it but I'm not surprised.
    As much as I despise Brown I am not convinced Cameron is fit to govern either. In the absence of a clear policy on the Lisbon Treaty I will not vote for him. Perhaps if he eventually grasps that he will lose millions of votes because of his lack policy we might have some hope.
  6. Anyone remember the events of November 1990 when Margaret Thatcher was unceremoniously booted out of No.10 because she balked at the idea of surrendering Britain's sovereignty?I bet everyone in Westminster and Whitehall does-that was a shot across the bows that EVERYONE in UK politics heeded.No-one since has been unwise enough to cross the EU,or those other even more covert and unaccountable characters the Bilderberg committee.One is tempted to wonder whether they had any part in that?.... :?:
  7. Message from the Czech President to the British public...

    Gordon Brown must be loving this.

    He and New Labour are the ones who promised the referendum, reneged and then signed up to the Lisbon Treaty. And yet, here you all are on ARRSE making it sound as if it is Cameron and the Tories to blame.
  8. Ireland 'saves' Europe!
    Who would believe it?
  9. If its a done deal before the Election, Cameron will have a much bigger fight on his hands than you think.

    It will no longer be between Labour and the Conservatives, it will be Brussels V Labour V Tories to run the country. Tony Blair will have risen from the dead to haunt Cameron!

    Just like you wouldnt expect a poker player to show off his cards, dont expect the powerless opposition to come up with the answers to everything, thats the governments job!
  10. No, the blame lies firmly with Blair and Brown for what has happened and what will happen upto the general election.
    Form the point where Cameron becomes PM (which is odds on favourite) it is his responsibility. At this point in time there is no reason to believe that his intentions are anything other than to accept the Lisbon Treaty.
    All that some of us are saying is that Cameron must tell us what he intends if he wants our support/vote
  11. Given the God awful job the Irish Government has made of running the country I did think there might be a protest vote.

    Looking at the numbers there's sod all sign of that. For Lisbon to pass by 67% to 33% surprises me slightly. The turnout (58%) was the highest since the vote to join the EU in 72. Only two (Donegal) of the 43 constituencies voted against by fairly narrow margins. This is the most positive Irish EU vote since Maastricht (68.7% yes) in 92.

    A yes was inevitable if you looked at the exit polls of no voters from last time, 75% were keen to seek better terms and vote again. A 40% swing is impressive.

    Dublin South voted 82% for it. A lot of sleek Dubs shat themselves when they saw plucky little Iceland going down the tubes, the nightmare of trading in the Merc for a battered Fiat hit home. In the rest of the country too many mothers are struggling along on the Da's Bru to be listening to Father Pádraig rants on baby killers in Brussels.

    That's a total landslide. The Chuckies will be gutted.

    This is a dramatic blow to Sinn Féin's dream of a united Ireland
    Which is nice.
  12. Heard some Irish pundit this morning.His take was that there is now hope in Eire that the yes vote will secure more inward investment from the Septics,and boost The Celtic Tiger.
  13. Gavin Hewitt on the BBC says Vaclav Klaus recommends Cameron to get his finger out sharpish:
    Cameron will be praying that this one's gone back in the grass come election time. Last thing he needs is the wrapped in the flag Europhobes splitting the Tory vote, he'll want The City on side.
  14. Mick Fealty over on Slugger asks Are the Tories now planning a staged and inelegant climbdown over Lisbon?

  15. A simple and informal poll:

    How many Arrse members support EU Membership for the UK?

    Yes or No.

    thank you.