Lisbon Treaty secretly reintroduces death penalty in EU!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. But no, not for murder or anything like that. In a footnote-to-a-footnote, which you would have only discovered if you were a legal expert poring over the damn thing (which luckily somebody has actually done for us), an exemption is introduced to the general prohibition:

    "except in the case of war, riots, upheaval"

    Perhaps sensible, you might think? But just imagine how this could be abused. Could anti-EU riots result in the death penalty being applied to the ringleaders? This exemption certainly introduces that possibility. Is the mindset of the EU Nomenklatura such that riots are more serious and more deserving of the death penalty than mass murder?

    I don't like it, I don't like it one bit.

  2. Yeah. I don't like the EU either....
  3. that's a shame :evil:
  4. I don't know why they are bothering to try and make it legal. They will just be "putting people down" in a few years anyway, because they can. They are after ultimate power and it is being given to them on a plate.
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Mugabe would love a clause like that - pity he has to get the idea from the NEW EU Democratic Superstate though.
  6. I think the Eurocrats will be first against the wall.
  7. So if you are demonstrating against the government and it turns into a riot you can be executed for your part in it now in England?
    As a matter of interest....are we intending to make a collective stand and fight for our survival as a country at any point people or do we just continue keep our heads in the sand until the day arrives that we are put down like dogs?
  8. Come on EU lovers, give us your comments.
    You must be in a right panic now though, as most of you lot are namby pamby tree huggers, what do you say to it?
    Quite funny really, they have made a big mistake by showing their true colours a little early methinks.
  9. Not everyone (like myself) who voted for joining the European Economic Community (which was NEVER a referendum for a poltically constituted Europe, btw) are frigging tree huggers :evil:

    There again, not many people voted for Brown to be Prime Minister of this country, either. In fact, I don't recall the public ever being consulted.

    An act of war insurrection or similar has always been the get out clause for reintroduction of the death penalty, so nothing much new there. What alternative do you suggest, giving people who cause wars a little counselling or community service?

    It;s not the sneaky introduction of a footnote to a footnote that troubles me, it's the fact that we've been railroaded by an unelected PM into a constitution that hasn't been put before the people in a transparent manner that causes me to become angry

    But don't blame those who supported an economic alliance years ago for the constitutional alliance that has been forged behind out backs today. Not everyone voted liarbar in the last election, blame them!
  10. Take responsibility for your choices! Do you not remember all the vociferous warnings and predictions given by those who are now proved to be right?
    "We were duped' is the whinge of the anti-tinfoil imbeciles who ignored the warning cries from the wilderness.
    Yes I completely blame you who supported the economic alliance years ago who disregarded the clear warnings given. Yes you were duped just as you were told you were being duped. Your own fault. Your blind stupidity has brought about the present state of affairs.
    Man up and own it!!!!

    PS A tin foil hat is now on special order for you
  11. Try googling the quote and all You get are a load of anti EU bloggs.

    You would have thought a search would have brought up the treaty itself, wouldn't You?

    Unless it was all made up :roll:
  12. Sven do a thorough google search then will you man! Although as you are a politician maybe I'm being unfair asking you to do anything properly :twisted:
  13. pyrogenica. You will remember that we were put in the EEC without a vote. Once firmly in, we were given a vote to either stay in or get out. Many of us voted to stay in simply because "we" had stabbed so many of our former trading partners in the back, we would probably have been on our own.

    So, it's saying that states within the EU- not the EU as a whole- have the right - should they choose- to use lethal force in putting down riots or insurrections- think NI here- and also may use the death penalty in times of war- presumably against traitors etc. Were it not coming from the EU, I doubt many here would have a problem with it.

    As well as misquoting the original text, the anti-EU blogs seem to assume that the riots would be against the EU itself, and that this is to crush white-van-man dissent. How exactly was this logical leap made? :?
  15. I have now searched with and without quotation marks - to no greater effect

    If You have found it action today, perhaps You might give a link - or at least the footnote number.