Lisbon Treaty debate on defence

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Guardian3A, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. Just watched three hours of the House of Commons Lisbon Treaty debate regarding foreign and defence policy issues. Ainsworth was there for about 20 minutes, looked bored and then left. Even though Fox closed the debate for the Tories Swiss Des was no where to be seen and was probably too busy dealing with Scotland.

    The lack of presence by our defence ministers is shameful considering the treaty has a lot of defence implications.
  2. Shameful - yes. Surprising - no
  3. ......wasn't boredom, just bafflement. Pointless staying if you do not have the facility to assimilate the information and then act upon it.
  4. Oh yes, The Lisbon Treaty more accurately known as The EU constitution.

    Apparantly Cyclops has halved the debating period despite his promise of a full debate.

    He has also put a 3 line whip on the vote and one or two Labour Members have been threatened with expulsion by the party if the vote with their manifesto promise of a referendum.

    The Lib Benders are no better as there new leader has promised to back the Liarbour Party to push this shameful and undemocratic farce through the House of Commons.

    And what are the Tories doing? Zip, Zilch... Nada.... Tory Boy Cameron won't even promise a referendum if they get in power.

    Isn't representative deomcracy wonderful?

    One can only hope that the Queen refuses to grant Royal assent at this attempt to usurp her as Head of State.