Liquid body Armour?

Following is a website that that discusses a liquid body armour discovery. If it does work, I wonder about the internal body damage from the impact, as well if it would stand up to multiple hits and if the treated clothing/garment that is discussed, would be able to be cleaned. Also how long the armour coating would last, etc.
So the US will have this in 2012, we'll put out a tender 2016 for delivery 2020, change the specification, take delivery 2024 but not have the logistics to support it until 2030 when it will enter and be due for replacement 2045 but will have its operational life extended well beyond 2060 - and there won't be enough for everyone

Will be interesting if it works, including use as "friendly" body armour for police if it really does look like thicker fabric
For any geeks out there. This works just like quicksand. The more you struggle the more solid it gets, making it harder to escape. The technical term is Non-Newtonian Fluid. Custard is similar. I can see it now "Troops safer due to Custard armor"

Custard_War - A custard expert?

What would be the injuries caused? Surely you'd end up with more bruising/cracked ribs than if with a ceramic plate (which I've been informed being shot in isn't the nicest thing - but nice to have there)?
Not quite crabby. Not many are privy to the tale of the great Custard War!

From the vid it looks like the impact would do alot more damage than ceramic plates but might be a good supplement to ceramic. Personally I'd be happier with a f*ck off huge bruise on my leg than a gaping hole.

And here I thought a belly full of booze was the original "Liquid Body Armor". :?
I know this may sound crazy but.

This "kinetic solid" has been around for years. I once remember watching a kiddies science programe (some 10 - 12 years ago to be fair) where they actually made some liquid goo up from household products (custard powder could well have been an ingredient) and then hit it with a hammer. I do remember that it didn't spray everywhere.

This is all irrelevant though. The energy of the round has to be dispersed to prevent injury, how will the "magic goo" manage that?
I had a link somewhere like this, in a way.. it was Nano-Carbon body armour instead of this stuff!

*Still searching for it, I will have to update with the link :(
YankMarine said:
sawdusty said:
And here I thought a belly full of booze was the original "Liquid Body Armor". :?
Makes you 10ft tall and bulletproof, right?
On several thousand occasions.

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