Liquid Armor


Has anyone seen this video before? It's called liquid armour and the title says it all.

Liquid Armour

Is this stuff actually in use? or is it just in a dev state?



i came across the video the other day but i dont think it has been issued yet. It seems to be a good idea but, i cant help thinking about trauma injuries whilst using this.


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with a thin protective shield the kinetic energy from the bullet would be so great that the shock could lead to multiple fractures causing massive haemorrhaging as there is no way to dissapate the energy. An inertia vest spreads the point force preventing this. Maybe for limbs its best to get shot and let the bullet travel its course?


I read something about that ages ago. The idea was to create body armour that was flexible but contained layers soaked in fluid that hardened up if hit by a fast moving object and then went floppy again when stress was removed.

Still being developed I suspect


I know Spc. Spiro's from the video personally, He's not altogether convinced it will work in a practical manner, either. The Sgt. he speaks of was hit though the groin by a 7.62Combloc round,TWICE. I dont see that would have changed by this stuff being in use. It's one of the risks you take.


Seen a few things on this they reakon that it will replace the body armour inner and weigh less but provide the protection that the plates give. Whatever they do though you'll still end up with a sweat soaked oven that stinks after a few weeks. The stuff does look useful for vehicles though.


From what ive read (some time ago mind you when this was in early development), the idea what to make the plates in the amour small then add this ontop. As The-Daddy said, it would stop the round entering the body but its energy would still wreck havoc on your insides. You still needs the plates so they spread the impact out over a wider area although small/lighter ones. Though this would still be good for shrapnel, like the idea of the osprey body armor for gunners on landys (the armor with the sleeves) when coming across IEDs.


I read an article on what might have been similar research to this sometime last year. The principle was to use dilatant material which thickens under shear forces.

It's like oobleck, the thing you make from cornflour and starch and which changes in viscosity depending on how much you play with it in your hands (ahem). The idea is that you could use the same properties to create flexible armour which hardens on impact. As far as I recall, then the problem was in producing something which gave the right level of movement and still offered protection when needed: for example, something which wouldn't prevent you from running while wearing it.

A quick search has found this:,,2087-2340507,00.html
The idea is to use it in conjunction with plates, or so I heard. It just means the plates can be thinner/smaller and so lighter.

As for the energy issue, I believe it dissapates the kinetic energy around the liquid, thats how it changes state.
Dewi_Sant said:
Mr_Dignity said:
A certain tailor in Columbia has been making bullet proof clothing for a while.

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Grate link! I just need to learn how to speak the lingo now. :roll:

There's an English version. Click the Union Jack flag on the home page.

Moving on, the real breakthrough will be with something breathable. I've worn the old CBA (no plate) in the Algeria for periods of just a few hours at a time and it really is murder. How troops go on in the sandpits I hate to think. Having been (elsewhere) in the Persian Gulf last year I know how bad it can get with humidity without having body armour on top.

Solar powered personal air conditioning perhaps?

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