Liottle help/advice needed please.

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Salford-Vera, Oct 24, 2008.

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  1. I have 2 issues currently on my pc, one is that when i try to open certain files such as spybot i get an error message saying something like 'Application Has Failed to Start Because Framedyn.dll Was Not Found'. Now don't get me wrong i have looked for assistance to cure this but it all seems to say i have to pay for downloading files to cure it, has anyone else had this same problem and if so how did you cure it, free obv!

    The other issue i have is on CoD4 multiplayer, when i play online i keep getting booted off because punkbuster is not up to date, the thing is i have updated it to whatever the highest spec is on punkbuster but its still happening, can someone please explain to me, really slowly, how i can get this sorted as im just unable to play anymore.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. First one is well known.

    Look here -

    Should be able to fix it.

    No idea on the second one as I don't do online gaming.
  3. Cheers for that, i have tried it but nothing has changed, in the web page you put up, it gives 2 options for this problem, i have tried both, the first is a mystery because i dont have a framedyn.dll in the system box that opens, i have therefore done the second one, silly question but do you think if i restart my pc it will sort the function out? Just to note though, i wasnt prompted to do this after carrying out the 2nd error fix.

    Hope that makes sense.
  4. u tried a uninstall of cod4? and did u manually update your PB? worked for me!
  5. Reboots never hurts :)

    You don't have the framedyn.dll in the WBEM folder?

    You might have to download a copy and replace it then.

    Have a look at this for a lot more info
  6. msr

    msr LE

  7. For your punkbuster problem go here

    Thats the manual updater tool for PB download it, install it , open it , add game (CoD4) then update it.

    Should solve your problem. If you get a specific error message, could you share it ? A mate of mine is a PB admin , I could pick his brains if for you if this doesnt help.
  8. Ive just tried to play then and got kicked within a minute, said 'RESTRICTION: CORRUPTED PACKET FLOW'

    What does that actually mean?

    I will have a go at downloading that punkbuster file you put up though, thanks.
  9. Ive just downloaded the punkbuster file but im sure that that has been done already as i recognized the format.

    I'll give CoD4 another go see if it has helped. Failing that i think i may uninstall it and start again, if i do uninstall do i go back to private?

  10. If you want to keep your ranks go into your CoD4 folder, (c/program files/activision/call of duty 4 probably) and copy + paste the "players" folder onto your desktop, then when you reinstall , copy that folder back into the CoD4 directory. That should save all your ranks and achievements.

    Corrupted packet flow may be to do with your net connection though , as PB may be kicking you because your not sending enough "packets" of data to the server for it to check your not up to funny buisness, or "rate hacking" where you make yourself impossible to hit by restricting your packet flow. If the reinstal and manually updated PB doesnt work , you'll be best of looking at your net connection. Is it just one server in particular, or any and all you have this problem with?
  11. It could actually be one server thinking about it, i went back on before and tried a different one out of my favorites and i was kicked from it. I know that my connection isnt always the best and i do sometimes get quite a high ping but i dont think there is anything i can do about that unless i move closer to the BT server thingy (technical!).
  12. If its one server in particular it may just be your connection to that server , or even that the server admin has not updated PB recently ( you could have played elsewhere and got a more recent version of PB , then returned and been kicked for it mismatching).

    Other things to look at are your firewall settings , and as suggested earlier , the possibility of you having any spyware or malware that might throttle your net connection. It also might be an idea to see if your net is capped at a certain limit, I understand some net providers "throttle" users that consume over a certain amout of bandwidth per month.
  13. The thing about spyware or malware, how would i know if these are on the system, i do my checks with McAfee etc quite regulary and nothing ever shows up.