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That'll be another whitewash for the 'Boks again then (not an SA supporter, just a pessimist).
loaded_not_ready said:
That'll be another whitewash for the 'Boks again then (not an SA supporter, just a pessimist).
What? Like last time? Just remember, they were World Champs when we went over there in '97 and kicked their arrses!!!
I am sooo looking forward to this tour, made up probably of 14 Welsh, 15 English, 1 Irish and 1 Scottish players! I think British Rugby is better than those rule-twisting, cheating, southern hemispheric feckwits would have you believe.
If we are going to do anything in SA next year, we need the right coaching staff and keep the politics out of the game.
We have an exellent pool of home nations to pick from as long as the clubs allow them the time to train together.
I think Warren Gatland and Shaun Edwards have to go along with Ian McGeechan, whose Lions record is second to none and he's coached a winning team in SA. I would also like to see Martin Johnson go as someone who will relate to the players.
With that coaching staff on board, all singing from the same hymn sheet, we might have a chance.
I just hope no Welsh players go. The Lions are, following Woodward's ego-trip shambles, a busted flush, and I don't want 'my' Welsh players injured in a pointless money-making farce.
Ian McGeechan has just been confirmed as head coach for the 2009 Lion Tour of South Africa.

Here's hoping he can repeat the 1997 victory over the 'boks.


When you look about, there is not really another better suited than Geech for the Lions.
Geech - the most decorated Lion in history; player and coach!

He is also the spit image of Nosferatu!



i'll get my track-suit...
Stand by, because the Tour starts before the end of the Premiership season apparently, so the two finalists of the Premiership wouldn't release players.

But we don't ever pick players from Sale, Gloucester, Bath, Leicester Wasps or Quins do we, the 5 probable candidates for the play offs next season.
Years ago, the Lions trained at Sunbury before a tour. The Geech was coaching them then. I remember him having a pop at Mike Teague during the training in a fun way.

I don't think Mike made a first team selection, but I believe he was rewarded for his contribution to the tour. If I remember rightly, he played a blinder.


I don't think its any suprise that the boks want to play 2 of the 3 tests at altitude!

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