Lions, Donkeys and Dinosaurs

I daresay most of us have read this, and I've just re-read it. I have to say, most of what he said is spot on. What do you think? Judging by what I read on ARRSE about kit issues, I'd say most agree with him, regardless of what branch we're from.
I have that book myself, and recently gave it to my missus to read to help her understand the Army better- it does the job better than any news report or MOD blurb, much more accurate. I originally bought it to read on a long flight, but keep going back to it to read again.
There are one or two nuggets of good stuff in there and the sentiment is somewhere in the general direction of right but for the most part it is an unremitting pile of the most innacurate drivel ever committed to paper.
With the exception of the intent behind it (good), it is an appalling book - riddled with mistakes and factual errors, some of which appear to be based upon his prejudices rather than having any basis in reality.
drivel through and through. Naive, immature and show's a complete lack of understanding of the MOD at the higher levels. Bears all the hallmarks of spurned and particularly dim junior officer.
I couldn't agree more, mate!!! Page's verdicts on the forces show exactly why he left (of his own choice or not, I neither know nor care) as a VERY bitter SO3.

In sum, the man's a t1t........
It's heart's in the right place but most of it is drivel. A mine-warfare Lieutenant posing as the fount of all knowledge regarding naval matters - utterly absurd.
My missus bought it for me; whilst some stuff was reasonable there were some other points that he made showed a distinct lack of research. I may be bitter but saying the Royal Engineers have no civil engineering capability was a bone statement. We got a major award from the construction industry for Camp Bastion. We also have 170 (Infrastructure) Engineer Group, comprising of Chartered Engineers and other highly trained personnel who manage multi million dollar contracts. Also how many other units in the UK Armed Forces are ISO 9001:2000 registered? no bloody many I bet. Fcuking idiot bloke.

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