Lions, Donkeys and Dinosaurs?

So after hearing it mentioned a few times I borrowed a copy of Lewis Page's 'Lions, Donkeys and Dinosaurs' and had a read through. He's a half decent writer since he kept it moving along fairly well and kept the tone light enough to be interesting. He seems to make a number of logical suggestions with very good arguments behind them, yet at other times I was just sat there thinking 'Is this a Wah! or something?' since some of his arguments seemed just so bloody silly. Seriously, you could imagine him sitting around half pissed with his mates giggling like idiots and egging each other on to see how far they can go for some of his suggested reforms.

So anyone out there that's read it which ideas did you think he was spot on about, and conversely which ideas did you think were such a load of b0llocks you were mentally asking whether he'd been on crack during that writing phase?
Lewis Page is an arrse.

What would a relatively junior RN weapons officer know about the working of his own service, let alone those of the Army and the RAF?

I read the book then file 13'd it. Complete waste of pulp.

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