Lions, Donkeys and Dinosaurs.

Has anyone read this book yet?

Written by Lewis page, ex RN Lieutenant MCDO and Commando trained. We all complain but when it is in a book like this it is truly scary.
It would be more funny if it were not so serious.


WHY are British Soldiers sent off to war to put their lives at risk, with some of the worst guns around?

WHY are decisions being made by the MoD with an eye above all for the interests of British Aerospace?

WHY are we still fighting yesterday's wars?

WHY is our tax money being wasted on useless, insanely expensive toys?

After 12 years in the Forces, Lewis Page strips back the facade to tell us what is really going on. Lions, Donkeys and Dinosaurs takes us behind the scenes and exposes the real ingredients whipped up in the name of "defence".

"Page pursues the real story with a genuine passion for the men (and very few women) who do the fighting. He has a gift for explication married to an unusual combination of tenacity and wit." Harold Evans

I am halfway through and from my limited experience it is accurate. A very damning indictment of Defence Procurement. Self licking lollipops all round!!

I recommend it.
Ordered this from Amazon today after it being recommended by some old salt on the BBC this morning. Looking forward to getting it and having a read.
Excellent book let down by several minor slips that will, unfortunately, undermine its credibility with the dinosaurs in question.

If I were Sec of State for Defence, I would summon the Chiefs and give them 14 days to convince me why the author's ideas should not become official policy with immediate effect.

An excellent, thought provoking book that should be widely read.

what did/do you do? This caused a lot of controversy in the aviation thread. I am impressed by the arguments and was hoping you might lend some credibility to the book and the ideas in it.


Pretty sure there's already a thread about this somewhere on site.

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