Lions, Donkeys and Dinosaurs by Lewis Page.

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Bagster, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. I had a browse of this book in Waterstones the other day and was wondering whether anyone had read it. It looks quite a good read on the surface but I didn't want to spend 13 quid on it, just to find out that it is a load of bolloxxx.

  2. Definitely worth buying and reading but you'll probably be able to get it cheaper on Amazon.
  3. I have read it and it is quite interesting the procurement (if it's all true, and I think it is.) distasters that have come I believe from absolute incompetance and stupidity. However after a few chapters it all blends into one and becomes quite boring. And is more a big list of multi million pound fcuk ups rather than a objective in depth view to who, what and why the MOD are losing so much money and if anything has been done to address it. And my answer to that is probably NO.
  4. I read it and frankly I'm amazed we still have Armed forces after some of the BAE/MoD feck-ups listed.
    However was a good read and I 'enjoyed' it (if thats the right word about those tossers) but having no inside information, cant comment on how accurate it is.
  5. Don't buy it. Thought he was trying to prove one point that the MOD is wasting money... erm we know.
  6. Bagster,

    By all accounts, the author was,is and will always be a twisted and bitter arsehole.

    FFS, he spent 11 years in the mob and couldn't get above Lt. That says it all really...
  7. Good central premise undermined by some wild factual inaccuracies and assertions that appear based more on prejudice than any objective analysis. Best read via your local library...