Lions defeat Manawatu 109-6.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Agent_Smith, Jun 28, 2005.

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  1. Lions rampant! :D

    (c) Telegraph
  2. ... Against Second Division Amateur Team!!!!

    Ooooohhhhhhhhhh. :roll:
  3. Actually they had just have just won promotion into the 1st division for next season
  4. Hmmmm, we're gonna get our arsses kicked again on Saturday. Still, keeps me from going shopping with the missus and means I can have Guinness for breakfast :D
  5. OK

    Manawatu are semi-pro. They are big, strong forwards and handy backs in the team. They are not international class by a long shot but they are not mugs either. If we had beaten them 30-6 then everyone would be on the lions case, am i not right?

    The positives were the performances of certain previously under-rated individuals. Shane Williams has got class and O'Callaghan and Shaw looked like Test locks - which in green or white they are. Owen also made a strong case as did Hodgson - stand fast goal-kicking - and Cusiter.

    Murphy looked sharp too. It seems that Woodward's monolithic mindset and ego are under further crushing pressure. Good, serve the git right. He ought to listen to his top team more than he is (not apparently is, is...I have friends in low latitudes!). If he takes his head out of his arse he might pick something like Lewsey Williams Smith Henson Thomas Jones Peel Owen Jones Easterby O Callaghan Shaw Jenkins Bulloch Sheridan Repl: Thompson White Cusiter Hodgson Corry Murphy Greenwood
  6. DDDD's tip for the Wellington test,

    The Mighty All Blacks will beat the British and Irish Pussycats by 30 points.

    My shout if they don' my location :lol:
  7. 38-18 in favour of NZ I do believe.......