Lions 2013

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by My-Pants, Mar 10, 2012.

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  1. Judging by the new talent coming through from all the home nations in the 6 nations comp I think the Lions tour of Oz next year looks good.

    15 Ireland Kearney
    14 Wales Cuthbert
    13 England Tuilagi
    12 England Barritt
    11 Wales North
    10 England Owen
    9 Ireland Reddin
    1 Wales Taff 1
    2 Wales Taff 2
    3 Wales Taff 3
    4 Scotland Grey
    5 England Parling
    6 England Croft
    7 Wales Warb
    8 Scotland Denton
  2. Send keysetting. Over!
  3. is that any better for you.
  4. I take it that the No10 position Owen refers to Farrell?
  5. yes joker well worked out.
  6. Just wondered as the rest seem to be surnames!
  7. I thought it was Michael
  8. My point exactly, there's always some daft ******! Unless the OP is on first name terms.
  9. Much better thanks.

    Though I'd swap out cuthbert for bowe, Redden for mike Phillips, tuilagi to inside centre next to johnathan Davies for starters.
  10. maybe, but not phillips, he's a right pain.
  11. At the risk of being accused of bias, I'd swap Cuthbert for Ashton, Roberts at 12 and Tuilagi at 13, and that side looks decent.
  12. Ashton is in a dip and if he doesn't recovery soon he's on his way.
  13. Ashton isn't getting the ball.
  14. nor is he looking for work like Cuthbert and North.
  15. You're biased. I'd pick tommy bowe over him every day. Ashton's done Fook all this season.