Lionheart 1984

I have editions 1,2,3 & 4 (complete set?) of the "Lionheart News" printed during the exercise of the same name in BAOR September 1984

There are hundreds of photographs and articles covering this massive exercise, and although I was there, I do not, sadly, feature in any of them but some of you might.

My questions are.

Were there only 4 issues?

Are they worth anything?

If so, FleaBay, Specialist auction or back in the box?

There will be be a large %age donation of course to H4H

Thanks in advance.


(edited to add photo)

I was there but I will not be in any pics. I'd keep them unless you need the space or the dosh more.

Amusing story. I remember the follow on from Lionheart that involved the yanks. They parked up one of their tanky squadrons in a field at night and ripped up loads of the surrounding foliage to put on their tanks as camo. In the morning when they woke up they found they were parked in the middle of a legally licensed hemp* field and they had thrown hemp plants all over the tanks. There were two outcomes:

1. Stoned yanks.

2. Military Police and GCP got a tad irate.

* Hemp = wacky backy

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