Lion Television to film documentary for BBC3 at Catterick?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by hsee, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. Interesting news; have done a search of the forums but can't find any information about this.

    I went in to swear my oath today and my recruitment officer hands me my joining instructions along with a letter from some people called "Lion Television" saying they'll be filming us during CIC from day 1.

    I'm starting with the Rifles on 2 May... anyone else on this course confirm this?
  2. Yes.

    They will be filming one platoon for the duration of their phase 1 training.

    Obviously they will be concentrating on those personnel who the camera will love (think Big Brother contestants).

    It has been done many times in the past and ruined a few reputations of individuals before they even arrived at their battalions.

    Can anybody remember the documentary filmed at Bassingbourn a few years back? It showed one particular recruit (LI I think) who couldn't wait to join the "Secret Air Service".

    Hopefully he has seen the error of his ways since his ten minutes of infamy and since succumbed to cancer.
  3. Theres a filmcrew doing somthing with the QRL before they deploy
  4. WHY?! its not like recruitment is down or the Forces have a bad rep atm...

    If you're right natotattie then the poor quality of my FACE will undoubtedly save me. Thank Dawkins, I want a career; not 10 mins on BBC3
  5. Some lads at catterick now said they were being filmed by BBC3 on the ITC catterick chat thread
  6. Think thats more a 'local' thing than National TV.
  7. Fly on the wall documentaries concerning soldiers have done more damage to individual squaddies than a bottle of Belizean rum, 4 whores and a stolen RMP Landrover could ever do.

    Such delights as "Number 31 what the fuck are you doing up there?"

    "I'm scared Staff!" - nice one Tim, we'll be remembering that when you're 90.

    Or the immortal question from Ruby Wax "What do you think of the trainasium?"

    "It terrifies me........I may be sick" - Well in Richie you retread cunt.
  8. I'm starting on May 2nd as well, don't take the oath until wednesday so i'll ask more about it then. Haha SECRET AIR SERVICE.
  9. they're filming our platoon the now mate , it's a pain in the prick! the only good thing about is th camera woman wears the tightest jeans and has a fantastic set of breasts! :D
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    It is good to see that squaddie charateristics are still being taught. 8)
  11. I thought they were filming a POW platoon? I'm glad there not filming Queens, but that blonde is hot.
  12. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Not AGAAIN!! Iremember this happeining back in the early 70's

    TV crew locked on to one or 2 'camera friendly' recruits, and ignored most of the others.

    Leading to massive pressure on the training team when (inevitably) when all the photogenic ones all turned out to be bottom of the class and in need of back-squadding or discharge.

    Net result was that - for the sake of a TV producer and some 'iffy' publicity - one or two second-rate squaddies were passed out when they were not yet up to standard: in essence the rest of the platoon had to carry them until passout, then the lads in the Battalions they were posted to, had to carry them after that.
  13. they are filming a POW platoon , theres about a dozen of us jocks stuck in with mercian an 3 royal welsh boys.
  14. Am wondering how a crow has time to post on here during the working day
  15. still on my long weekend, don't leave for catterick for an hour yet.
    damn those few days went quick!!!