Lion Tamer

A Lion tamer is struggling to get the audience to appreciate his skills. He gets the largest lion to get up on a stool. He then forces the lions jaws open with his bare hands and sticks his head in the lions mouth.
After a minute he withdraws his head and the lion roars.
The audience still looks unimpressed. He then in desparation forces the lions mouth open again and slaps his cock in the lions open mouth. He then forces the lions jaws shut. He then produces a baseball bat and smacks the lion hard on the top of its head.
He then forces the lions mouth open and withdraws his undamaged cock.
Turning to the audience he calls out. "Is there anyone in this audience would like to try that?"
A camp voice from the audience replied. "Yes, but promise not to hit me so hard on the head with the baseball bat."
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