Lion Star

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Apr 23, 2009.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. What's the difference between Lion Sun and Lion Star?
  3. Very good of the Downs Syndrome society to narrate the videos for you
  4. Paramali Village looks greener than it was in 2001.

    Good to see everyone back :D
  5. Did L.Bom Appleton decide to sack applying his cam cream half way through or is there a need for the large triangle of milky skin on his chest?

  6. They strap him on his back on the roof of a Landrover and use him as an air marker panel.
  7. At least get the abbreviation correct. It's L/Bdr.
  8. While not in the RA surely the correct abbreviation is LBdr. The forward slash bit being done away with years ago. Please do catch up.

  9. Gunner Numbnuts who removed the TMH in the range hut to replace his recoil rods?

    Was he succesful firing without them in - could be the new next thing - remove bits beforehand so they don't need cleaning afterwards!
  10. I'm guessing that Lion Star is the TA two version of the 6 week holiday that I have managed 5 of (or was it 6, I was very drunk )

    Now heres a question

    Whats the difference between a Lion Sun and a Moon Base ?
  11. One was a Coy sized group, the other a Bn sized one. can't remember which was which.
  12. Sorry - I thought it was nicer to try and get it wrong rather than call him L/Cpl... I know they get touchy on that subject!

  13. Good Spot that man - He did come across as a bit of a dim wit didn't he. Maybe he's a bit too civvy for the TA too.
  14. And I still write my letters in Times Roman font size 12 :D :D :D