Lion in Norn Iron?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by still21inmymind, Sep 2, 2008.

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  1. Easy mistake
  2. Thank you Wombleboy and Blogg. I shall take more water with it in future, and brush upon my dog/lion recognition skills.

    Down boy!
  3. There was a bloke who had a lion in his flat on the edge of the New Lodge (Cliftonville Road?) back in 1976...

    The thing used to sit there watching us with its big yellow eyes....

    You could "feel" the bloody thing thinking "Mmmmmm... Squaddies.... deliciously nutricious!"
  4. Edited - "double tap"!
  5. Strange but true there once was a lion that lived in Pilot Street (in the docklands area somewhere anyhow) It was owned by a character called 'Alex' and it's name was Rajah. This was all in the 1940s or 50s

    Alex was a bit daft and was known as 'Buck Alex' and this name used to be applied to anyone that was a bit 'odd'.

    It is said that if Rinty Monaghan (one time world champ lightweight boxer) didn't do some proper training the only fight he would get would be against Buck Alex's lion.

    So there you go!
  6. You want bizarre...

    WS Linky
  7. It must do!

    Russian? Moi???

    My "Friend"???

    I was an 'umble Gunner on footsies out of Girdwood... It was something of a talking point when we arrived on the patch, so we all scheduled in a patrol to go and see the thing...

    As for double tapping, just put it down to senility and finger trouble! :wink:
  8. Bloody right! I can still see the hungry-looking fcuker now...

    Nothing twixt him and me but a pane of flimsy glass...
  9. If it was a lion I think a couple of hours wandering the Falls or Shankill Road would have been enough to send it whimpering back to its cage :lol:
  10. The Beast of Garry Bog! The USPCA believed that the best chance to get it was it was early on as it was relatively inexperienced but it would rapidly get much more cautious and stealthy. I still keep an eye out for it when I'm up that way.

    More on Buck Alec