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This started as a little knowledge is dangerous and has escalated into the house filling with water and not a plumber in sight. :D

I will not waste your time in demonstrating my ability to be a dick and how I got to this state and I accept all responsibility for it. :oops: Your task is to get me out of the brown and smelly.

I have a Dell dimension 9050 with two SATA drives using RAID 0. They may have been RAID 1 at one time but a little knowledge is dangerous. It would not take the XP re-installation disk and because of all the updates and now will not recognise the HD.

Enter Linux. I have installed Unbuntu on the machine (clear off XP) and am now getting the following.

"GRUB Loading stage1.5.
Grub loading, please wait...
Error 2"

I looked for help on the net but most was old. But I get the feeling that by having RAID 0 may be the problem.

I am unable to type at the dos prompt as well.
it may not help but its something

check to see that the raids are configured in the correct order (and that they are working) suggest you take one out and try to load the Ubuntu on one of the raids, I had this problem about 6 months ago when trying to load Linux onto a cisco server for a CCM 6. Suggest you format the disk if possible either with XP or go in via the dos command and format the disk.

also check the jumpers on the Sata drive as well



have reset the raid to mirror and running from disk to see if I can format but have been unable to use dos so far.


Well it worked when running form disk as this is being done on that machine.

will try to load it onto the HD.
You could try something like Ubuntu Back Track 3.0 also, which has excellent hardware and software diagnostics tools.

Active Boot Disk is the windoze version of the same thing..

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