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Evening all,
i don't know if this has been posted before but im too idle to use the search button.

I'm toying with the idea of putting Linux on my laptop, to either dual boot with Windows vVista or to just replace it totally.

Now my question is this, i haven't really touched Linux for a few years and im wondering will Linux improve my Laptops performance? I know it used to back in the day it made it more secure and more stable but more difficult to use in some cases.

Is there much difference these days between Windows and Linux in terms of ease of use?
Anyone know of any decent distrobutions that are laptop friendly?

Sorry for the long rambling post
Don't try it with almost any Philips Freevents laptop.... hours of trouble with the current distro


You could always try a few live distros to check out compatability and see what you like

They will run slower straight from the cd but if all seems ok you can then install one that you like
watch you internet provider as I discovered when selling on my EEE pc, BT doesn't support it so if anything goes wrong they will simple fob you off.
You're probably better off running linux via VM Ware-I've got a mac and I run (well did until quite recently) ubuntu and xp on vmware. That way you've got all the convenience of linux but can always revert to an OS that is supported by the majority of providers.
Rather than chuck out my last IBM A22p (with a fabulous 'presentation' quality screen, 20mb HD, 512 memory), I thought I'd put linux onto it; I use Suse and it screeches along. With Win2000, watching a film on it was a bit of an ordeal. With linux, everything is fast and easy (except some new installations, which are a nightmare - I'm not a geek). Only drawback could be size of HD, I think, but I don't use it to store films or anything, so that's ok. All the applications you could ask for are free, too, and no AV to screw things up.
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