Linux gurus out there?


I have completely messed up my evolution email client.

I'm not at all sure how i done it, but what I have tried is, a) removing & reinstalling evolution
b) removing & re adding my account
screenshot attached, any pointers appreciated

What I would expect to see is loads of emails (which were there yesterday & are still in my hotmail


Go to Edit|Preferences and make sure your email account is:

a. Present
b. Enabled

From that screenshot, you don't appear to have one.
Off topic, how on earth do you edit GRUB GNU boot commands permanently? I know what command I need to use to boot Windows rather than LINUX, but I have to type it in every time because I don't know how to edit the GRUB config file to make the OS selector work properly!
Open a terminal and change to root with the su command
then cd /boot/grub

Now edit your grub.conf file.

Change the line
default=0 (whatever OS you want in whatever order).
Timeout=0 (change to 3 or what you want)

Save and quit your text editor - et voila! job jobbed!