Linux gurus out there?


I have completely messed up my evolution email client.

I'm not at all sure how i done it, but what I have tried is, a) removing & reinstalling evolution
b) removing & re adding my account
screenshot attached, any pointers appreciated

What I would expect to see is loads of emails (which were there yesterday & are still in my hotmail


Go to Edit|Preferences and make sure your email account is:

a. Present
b. Enabled

From that screenshot, you don't appear to have one.
Have you tried asking on the GNOME forums? I run linux too, but use mozilla thunderbird for emails, so can't help I'm afraid.
What is the new version on linux
What do you mean? There are numerous "latest versions", each related to a different distribution. Google "distrowatch" for more info.
Off topic, how on earth do you edit GRUB GNU boot commands permanently? I know what command I need to use to boot Windows rather than LINUX, but I have to type it in every time because I don't know how to edit the GRUB config file to make the OS selector work properly!
Open a terminal and change to root with the su command
then cd /boot/grub

Now edit your grub.conf file.

Change the line
default=0 (whatever OS you want in whatever order).
Timeout=0 (change to 3 or what you want)

Save and quit your text editor - et voila! job jobbed!
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