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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by mattloughrey, May 13, 2007.

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  1. For the old & bold (or serving) feel free to have a browse and promote this new RE site.

    All welcome

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    2 sites that tell you how to apply for certain badges and medals. Some are commemorative and therefore not free, but worthwhile not the less.
    It was not until I looked at this site that I knew of the BFG medal, for anyone who served in Germany from 1945-1989. Also the Hors De Combat, for anyone who has been injured during service, be it physical or mental.
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    Thanks for these links titch.

    For those checking this link, we are aware that there is a pretty emotive issue here - these are not medals authorised or awarded by the Queen, so cannot be worn with "normal" campaign medals. But there are already plenty of threads on this in the "Walts" section of the NAAFI, so no comments in this thread please.
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  7. I've just joined the REA (BD Branch) and thought it was worth mentioning that if you contributed to the Day's Pay scheme whilst you were in, you are entitled to life membership without further payment. I daresay that most people aren't aware of this - I certainly wasn't. They are able to calculate whether you qualify from your service details.
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  9. Hi all,
    I've started a new site which is proving very popular so far. It's not really a social site like ARRSE or Facebook, it's more of an online search tool which lets you search for former mates by location, squadron, unit, name or nickname, and year. I simply took the question "Does anyone know what happened to Gordon Brady from 45 Sqn in Nienburg? We served together around 1988" and made that into a website. If you click the link and go to the member search page, you'll see what I mean. You have the option to record your entire service history, by unit and location, so that people who served with you there can find you more easily. We're currently adding members at a rate of one new member every 4 minutes, and it's going well. Oh, and did I mention that it's free? Check out Welcome, Gentlemen of the Corps | - for all Royal Engineers and you'll see what I mean.
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