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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by bovvy, Jun 8, 2006.

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  1. Is it the site or my computer? Some links aren't responding. I haven't done a test of everything on the site, but the ones I have had trouble with are:
    (a) Selecting a thread from the forums, as opposed to index of recent threads and
    (b) Links to news reports within a post.

    Anyone else having a problem?
  2. My arrse is all over the place this morning. The top of the page looks okay, but the bottom has gone to sh1t, with the layout changed and the 'next page' link sometimes not working. There's also this annoying 'to refresh press ctl+' spead over the text half way down the page. I'm using Firefox 1.0.7.

    Anyone else getting it, or am I being victimised?
  3. I've got Firefox at home and it's been slow as f**k for weeks but seems to work OK with internet explorer.
  4. Thanks Awol. I'm reassured that it's not only me being "victimised". I also have the "to refresh press CTRL - F5, but it does nothing. Layout is OK on mine. It seems to be just some of the links. I'm on IE, 'cos my set-up is too primitive for Firefox.
  5. Try turning the big handle on the side a few more times. 8)
  6. Bovvyblonde. Are you in Bovvy at the moment? Cause if you are I think it might be something to do with the local switchboard. Our phone has been wa*k for ages and the internet connection has always been shite.
  7. I'm also having a few probs, in my Inbox it keeps showing that I have one new message when in fact there aren't any messages there, it's been like this for over a week now and I don't know how to rectify it - has anyone got any ideas please?

  8. Te-he-he-he-he!!!! :clap: :clap:

    Yes, Brewmeister, I'm in Bovvy. Are you, then??? I did wonder which bit of Deepest Dorset you inhabited? Eeeeeeekkkkk!!!! I find it sooooo spooky when the twaddle I type on the net might "collide" with the REAL me, in REAL life and REAL time!!!! But I'm not sure about the phone business? I don't have connection probs ..... just "link" (blue letters not responding) probs.

    But Hiya .... and "Thanks". :) :)
  9. Andover Green. How about you?
  10. I'm using Firefox and IE 7 (Beta). Both are working fine, although the rest of the internet seems a little dodgy at the moment! I can ping Microshaft's servers, but cannot log on to MSN.......

    Sod it - I'm switching back to Fedora ;)



    Sounds like maybe you need to clear the cache. Don't worry, its not painful!!

    If you are using Internet Explorer, do the following:

    Go to the TOOLS menu, and choose Internet Options. Under the General tab, try clicking the "Clear History" button, and then restart Internet Explorer. If the problem still exists, let me know!
  11. OK thanks for that Ghost Rider I'll try that and let you know :D

  12. Brewmeister .......... look in your p.m.'s.
  13. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    The people with the ctrl-f5 message: (AWOL etc) - just confirm you've pressed ctrl and f5 together and still got the message in the middle of the screen? On IE and Firefox it works fine for me, and the text disappears to the bottom of the page. I won't bother you with why. The links will then work again.

    If the ctrl & f5 doesn't work for you can you tell me your browser type and version (in help, about of your header menu) and I'll get it sorted ASAP.

    Regarding site speed, it's fine. No server issues, fast page loads and as I'm in Germany I would expect to have a slower connection than the UK. The problem may be with your ISP or connection
  14. One thing i have noticed is that BT have recently been touting the "we'll give you the maximum speed your line will handle" offer, as have other companies. I've noticed a general decline in connection speed since this started - i was clocking just over 2mbps and now average around 1.4mbps. The speed of arrse has been consistant for a while, i think the internet in general is slowing down!!
  15. Pressing ctl/f5 works, but does this mean I have to press it everytime I load a page?