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I've noticed since the links have been changed to blue that some of the shorter links or links in the middle of a lot of text can be missed.
Would it be possible to make the blue a darker shade so that they stand out more?

Brotherton Lad

Kit Reviewer
Good point. I sometimes notice there's a link by syntax rather than by colour of text.

Brotherton Lad

Kit Reviewer
I have also noticed that, sometimes, I have no idea what the **** you are talking about!
I suspect that is not my fault. :)

PS. Thank you for the like. Very courteous of you.

What I mean is that it is not easy to see the colour of text, as used, on a short word and that I spot there may be a link through other means (largely intuitive, since I'm not a trained ninja). Then I go back and notice the text is in a different colour.
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