Link to video of Vets booing Broon in Normandy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jim30, Jun 7, 2009.

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  1. How do you know they are veterans? Were there only veterans at Aramanche?
  2. Well done the 'booers', for expressing the thoughts of 85% of our population (according to the European Soviet Union election figures).

    Has any prime minister been so personally and politically unpopular ever?
  3. They weren't German that's for sure.
  4. :D

    There were also only three orfour of them. Perhaps they were re-enactors.
  5. "Wheres the queen?" - Haha Genius!
  6. True. It could have been the Cabinet, or at least those who have recently stood down from it. I'm sure I heard a few female-like boos too.
  7. Or some selfish politicians walting as caring humans. :)
  8. I'm sure I didn't hear any 80 year old voices, which lets out the veterans. I think that the cabinet can prove that they weren't there at the time., which lets them out.

    Perhaps it was the Tories :D
  9. Good god. So you're now an expert on voice analysis!
  10. A quote from blow the post on YouTube:

    'The booing comes in too abruptly (waiting patiently for the drum roll to end), doesn't change over the visual cuts, has no depth to it and jumps at the end. I'm a sound guy. It's a simple tracklay.

    Your friend doesn't exist. Anyone can go "lol well I know its true because I know a guy who knows a who knows a guy who..." blah blah blah. Please stop lying'

    Seems about right I think.
  11. Cyclops most certainly WAS booed at Arromanches - three times, in fact: Once when he arrived at Arromanches Museum, again when he came out of the museum and onto the stage and again when he got up to speak. I was standing right next to the door (at the end of the stage) when he came out and the 'booers' were a broad mixture of veterans and bystanders.

    I couldn't see the 'mainforce' of veterans on the parade square from where I was standing, so can't say what their reaction was, but the crowd also held a very large contingent of veterans who were vocally hostile to Brown. A few were telling the cadets at the door to trip him up as he came out...

    It was very noticeable when I saw the 'live' BBC footage later (that I'd recorded on Sky+) that the booing as he walked on stage was heavily edited out (the footage also started after his arrival, so you missed that part), as were a few mistakes by the idiot compere/disorganiser.

    Brown wasn't booed afterwards though - he was politely applauded.

    One amusing feature of the day was a contingent of Dutch, who were handing out badges featuring Her Maj, so that 'she could be there in spirit'... Everybody seemed to be wearing one.
  12. Aye, that's what Phoney Tony said as well. And look what a cünt he turned out to be. :D :D :D